Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a form of aromatic medicine that uses the virtues of essential oils, in order to obtain therapeutic benefits. Essential Oils are extracted from various parts of aromatic plants (their flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, fruit, wood, etc.) and used to promote health and well-being.


The Benefits of Essential Oils:


For your home:

  • Naturally disinfect, deodorize and aromatize
  • Remove pathogenic germs and help prevent microbial diseases

 For you:

  • Boost the immune system and clear airways
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and help fight insomnia



Ohra Creations Aromatherapy Candles:

100% natural, hand-made with a combination of pure essential oils and crackling wood wicks.


When burning your Ohra Creations Aromatherapy Candle, the essential oils are diffused in the air so you may enjoy their wonderful natural scent and benefits. Each candle contains the maximum load of essential oils for optimum results and fragrance. We use premium, certified Vegan, Essential Oils purchased from a Canadian, Eco responsible company.


The Wood wick creates a captivating flickering flame and a relaxing crackling sound, making the experience even more enjoyable and unique. The wood wicks we use are clean-burning and made from FSC Certified Wood.


Ready to enjoy the benefits of our Aromatherapy Candles?

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