Our Mission

Helping you create a space where you can let your aura shine, while contributing to your well-being, and helping others re-ignite and protect their flame.

Ohra Creations unique products are handmade with eco-friendly, high-quality materials and developped to accentuate your beautiful home-decor, while bringing you inspiration and specific benefits such as helping reduce anxiety and stress, improve mood, increase energy, reduce patogens in the air, and much more!

We believe that every one should have a safe space where they can let their personality shine bright, spark inspiration and cultivate their passions.

Woman relaxing at home drinking tea and smiling

While we all aspire to live our best life and achieve our full potential, it's impossible to do so if our basics human needs aren't met. Our logo was inspired by Maslow's Pyramid to represent that we aspire to reach the highest peak of well-being, but to do so, we must build a solid fondation first.

Self-actualization triangle

People in our communities, mainly women and girls, are unable to fulfil their basic human needs, because they were robbed of their freedom, trapped in a world where there is no light, and abused repeatedly.

Human trafficking In Canada has increased dramatically, making more victims every year, often closer than we think. At Ohra Creations, we are commited to help prevent and combat human trifficking, as well as helping the victims re-ignite and protect their flame, so they can shine bright again.

That's why 3% of our candle profits are donated to local non-profit organizations to help reduce human trafficking in Canada.

Purchase a candle today to make your aura shine and contribute to protecting the flames of the most vulnerables.