What is the difference between wooden wicks and cotton wicks?

  • Wood wicks burn longer and cleaner
  • They have a better scent throw
  • They create a horizontal flickering flame a soothing crackling sound
  • Plus : For every wooden wick order placed with our supplier, a tree is planted <3

Do I have to trim the wick? What's the maintenance?
When receiving your candle, the wick will be trimmed and ready to be lit. It's very important that when burning your candle for the first time, you allow enough time for the wax to completely melt to each side of the candle jar. Every time you lit your candle after that, the wick should be trimmed to 5mm. 

You can purchase a wick trimmer, or simply use a nail clipper. If the wick is just a little bit too long, you should be able to take off the burned part with just a tissue. Legal stuff: Obviously, do not try to trim the wick while lit, and please read the safety instructions and maintenance guidelines under the box of your candle for optimal burning results. 

Why Coconut and Soy wax?
After testing a large number of different plant-based waxes, we found that Coconut and Soy wax is more sustainable and creates the best result with wooden wicks and Essential Oils. This wax is so smooth and has a great scent throw! 

How can I use Ohra Candles in Aromatherapy? 
You can read our Aromatherapy and Essential oils page under the "About" section. Please note, Aromatherapy doesn't replace the expertise of your Health Professional.  

How can I use Ohra Candle for Intention setting?
We invite you to read our step by step Intention Candle ritual under the "About" section, to discover how to unleash the attraction powers of our Ohra Creations candle.  

What is your Return Policy? 
As most items are made upon order, we do not offer any returns or exchanges. We value our customers and your satisfaction is very important to us. Should there be any issue with your order, please let us know by emailing us at contact@ohracreations.com and we will do our absolute best to find a solution for you.  

What happens If my candles arrived damaged or broken?
We package all orders with extra care and cushion, however, due to the fragile nature of candles, damage during transport may occur. Should your order arrive damaged, you will need to send us an email within 5 business days of receiving the item, at contact@ohracreations.com. Your email should include your order number, your contact information, pictures of the packaging, and pictures of the damaged good. 

Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy more additional information. 

What to do if the crystal extinguished the wick?
There is a chance that a crystal might slide and land on your wick while burning. If this happens, simply extinguished your candle and any other surrounding flame, take a small wooden or metal spoon and gently guide the crystal back to the side of the candle vessel or take it out completely.  

Why are my crystals different than the ones on the pictures? 
Crystals are natural formations and just like us, humans, they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Candles featuring multiple Crystals will have smaller and larger ones. Ex. If you get a Large Peacock Ore in your Dream & Inspiration candle, you might get a smaller Clear Quartz or vice versa. Rest assured that no matter the size, the power of healing crystals comes from within them and their energy. 

Should you have any other questions, please send us an email at contact@ohracreations.com and we will get back to you within 24hours.