The Origin Story

Hi there! I’m Danika, the hands, brain, and soul behind the candles. I love all things creative, I could live just on mangos and coffee, I'm socially awkward, and my mood is easily influenced by the weather and music.

I started Ohra Creatons in August 2019. After spending many years working two jobs and feeling empty at the end of each week, I decided that I wanted to use my creativity to inspire myself and others. 

I wanted to help people overcome negative feelings and make them feel good. The Idea of Intention Crystal Candles came to me when I was looking at the full moon one night.

I selected the crystals and the essential-oil fragrance blends based on their benefits, and the other collections came naturally after that. All the materials are selected with care, are eco-friendly, and put together with you in mind (see The Materials page for details).

Ohra Creations candles are meant to fill your space with amazing scents, and yourself with the inspiration you need to make your Aura shine.

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