Love and Light - Handmade Candle Gift Box

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Send love and light as a gift to a loved one.

This gift box includes:

  • 1 x  Candle 130g/25h (scent of your choice)
    Handmade with 100% plant-based coconut and soy wax, Phthalate and Paraben-free essential oil fragrance blends, and a large crackling wooden wick. 

  • 2 x Coasters - Cream and Coral Marble Effect
    Handmade with a water-base composite material that is eco-friendly, durable, lightweight, sustainable, and heat-resistant. The perfect spot for a candle.

  • Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystals

    Clear Quartz Benefits:
    - Amplifies the effect of other crystals
    - Releases energy blockages in your mind and body
    - Enhances spiritual growth and awareness
    - Draws off negative energy of all kinds
    - Aids concentration and meditation

    Rose Quartz Benefits:
    - Attracts love and romance
    - Encourages self-love and acceptance
    - Heals emotional wounds
    - Restores trust and harmony in relationships
    - Lowers stress and tensions
    - Radiates positive energy

These items are beautifully presented in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

Total Value: 49$

Select the options of your choice, and your gift box will be packaged with extra care and mailed within 2-4 business days.

You can have the gift box ship directly to the receiver (if you don't, you'll want to keep it for yourself), and we'll even include a handwritten note from you. Simply write your message in the note section at checkout (will be copied word for word).

IMPORTANT: Please read the safety instructions and maintenance guidelines for optimal burning results

*** Please note: Discount codes and promotions are not applicable to gift boxes, as the price is already significantly reduced. ***

Handmade with premium, cruelty-free, and sustainable meterials:

Soy and Coconut wax: 
100% plant-based, sustainable and renewable, free of pesticide and herbicide residue, no animal testing, no petroleum products.

Wooden Wicks:
Made from FSC Certified Wood, burns longer and cleaner, creates a captivating flickering flame, and a soothing crackling sound.

Everytime we order wicks from our supplier, a tree is planted <3

Essential Oil Fragrance Blend: 
Phthalate and Paraben-free, created using pure essential oils and fine fragrance oils.

Aromatherapy Candles, scented with only Essential oils: Each candle contains the maximum load of high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free pure essential oils.

Re-usable Vessels 
Once your candle is done, simply wash your vessel and re-use it as a votive candle holder, vase or anywhere to enhance your home decor.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Our boxes are made from recycled materials. Simply remove the shipping label and fragile stickers to recycle the entire shipping and procuct packaging.

- Trim the wick to 1/4'' (5mm) before each use for optimal scent throw, to keep the wax clean, and to prevent any high flames.

- Always keep an aye on your candle when lit.

- Allow enough time for the wax to melt completely to the edges (1-2h).
Especially on the fist burn, to prevent ''tunelling''.

- Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

- Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.

-Place your candle on a stable, level, and heat-resistant surface, away from flammable objects before lighting.